Thursday, 30 October 2008

Willoughby Arms

While I do not intend to make this blog a listings site - there are plenty better places than this to help seek out good beer - I will list those events that I think are worthy of wider coverage and support.

The Willoughby Arms is a community pub situated in housing about a 10 minute walk from Kingston station. I have seen the pub described on beer in the evening . com as "I wish it was my local". I absolutely concur. The choice and quality of the beer is consistently good and the atmosphere and welcome always very friendly.

A small beer festival is hosted around St Georges Day and Halloween and I shall be visiting at least twice this week. The ale trail cards which bring cheaper beer and a free T shirt enforce drinking 11 pints for around £30. A stretch for me in one session even with a take-away. Two sessions is much more sensible and enjoyable.

Alas it will mean missing the Shepherd Neame AGM on Friday which is always another good jolly but sometimes sacrifices must be made !

There is no beer list yet on their web-site but I expect that the selection will be as good as ever with many local breweries represented (via the SIBA DDS scheme) and a couple of "specials".

The Downton, Chocolate Orange Delight last year was memorable, I hope it makes another appearance.


The Beer Justice said...

Fullers Brewers Reserve (one of only 12 casks), Golden Pride, Morrisey Fox Blonde and the Chocolate Orange Delight are the highlights here this week.

JOCKO said...

I usually go to this fest but couldnot find a beer list. They have a web site but i could not find any list shame really as its a nice little pub.There are so many pub fests now and especially their halloween bash clashing with the Mcspoons fest iwould have thought publishing a list was a priority. cheers JOCKO