Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Although I have been known to describe cider as "The Devil's Urine" and have been seen running for a sit down after a pint of perry, it is now an opportune time to remind everyone that London's cider pub of the year is The Harp, Chandos Place, London WC2.

The evening of Wednesday 29th will see the presentation of the award.

It is also CAMRA West London branch pub of the year for 2008/09 and that certificate will also be presented on the evening.

It should make for an enjoyable evening.

October is CAMRA's cider month.

I found this from Canada which may demonstrate that I was right all along !

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Dave White said...

Yeah but the cider they are referring to isn't fermented. It is unfortunate that the majority of folks in North America refer to non-fermented apple juice as cider.