Friday, 31 October 2008

Beer Drinker of the Year

Are you the Beer Drinker of the Year ?

If so, send your resume to detailing the key aspects of your beer expertise, including your accomplishments involving brewpubs, beer festivals and beer adventures.

A good beer resume demonstrates the range and depth of the candidates beeriness.

As it is a national search and Wynkoop Brewery is in Colorado, USA, I guess that we Brits are precluded but it is a nice idea to promote their brand.

The prize ? Free beer for life at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. Not bad !

I was told that my London accent would go down a storm in USA. However, in reality all I got was "you sound like the Geiko Gecko". Check him out.


Albert the Anode said...

Better than Gordon the Gopher!

Bailey said...

Of course, Pete Brown (famous from your blog roll, amongst other things) was voted second best beer drinker in Britain last year by someone or other.