Monday, 20 October 2008

Twickenham Beer Festival

Twickenham Beer Festival takes place this week. Opening times are 5.30 on Thursday to 10.30 on Saturday.

Full details together with beer list etc are here.

This is my local branch beer festival and although I have nothing to do with its organisation throughout the year, I give it my full support for the whole week. It is the one week a year when I hump scaffolding, full and empty casks, put up posters, clean tables, meet and greet all of the customers and generally support the vital grass roots of our Campaign in a tangible way.

I have just been told that I am "head of security" for the week so no bad behaviour please.


Brewblogger said...

Yer Worshipfulness as Head of Security? Does orange not clash with the gown you wear for court?

Vox said...

Maybe an orange wig!

Why Atwerp said...

Beerfight at the Y.H. Canteen!

Yee Har!