Thursday, 30 October 2008

Hogs Back

I have in the past defended CAMRA against accusations of being parochial. This is why we are led by 200 or so local branches. It works and gives excellent local campaigning, the life blood of CAMRA and one of the reasons we reach so many beer drinkers around the country.

However, have the latest comments from Cornwall CAMRA crossed a line ?

Hogs Back Brewery from Surrey have just won Supreme Champion Beer at Falmouth Beer Festival for their Hop Garden Gold. CAMRA Cornwall's spokesman, Phil Roberts, said "... This year's top spot went to a foreigner....."

I have met Phil many times and know that this is meant in jest but it is easy to see how people might sometimes catch on to throw away lines and make more of it than was originally the intention.

Hogs Back Brewery later quoted "Its strange being called a Foreigner by the Cornish but its a sheer delight bringing back the cherished trophy to Surrey, its like winning the Ashes from the Aussies."

I say, if we dig a trench along the Cornish border, we could just kick them off into the Ocean. Oops there's another throw away line.


BryanB said...

LOL! I suspect what Phil Roberts actually said was "Furriner", which has been the Cornish dialect term for an outsider for a long, long time.

And yes, I'd be very very surprised if it was said anything other than tongue-in-cheek....

sir lancelot emmett said...

Cornish Ice Cream is not what it used to be, old bean (or should that be vanilla bean)...

Phnarr Phnarr

Carlo Collodi said...

"I have in the past defended CAMRA against accusations of being parochial"


Is that like "I've got no strings, to hold me down" etc etc?

jocko said...

I noticed that at most camra regional fests the local brewers seem to do really well.Is it a blind tasting of the beers .