Monday, 14 February 2011

Royal Wedding Beer - Samuel Smith's Strong Porter 1981

Another "stubby" bottle with a ring pull cap this week, this time brewed at Sam Smith's Tadcaster brewery, Yorkshire's oldest.

A rather classy silver label with black background describing a strong porter "brewed to commemorate the marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer, 29th July 1981". The bottle is 440ml or 15.5 fl oz and the beer had OG of 1048-50.

Beer poured with no condition and was not drinkable.

Sam Smith's have lasted the test of time and some might say that their company operates on very similar lines and has changed little over thirty years.

However, there is always a part of a London beer drinker's heart that belongs to Sam's for their continued sympathetic stewardship of some of the Capital's finest historic pubs.

I am making a habit in this series of posts of raising a glass to those buisnesses that are still brewing tasty beers some thirty years later.

Cheers today go to Samuel Smith's

By the way, I heard this week that Westerham Brewery's 2011 royal wedding effort will be called Matrimoniale. (I can't find any reference to this so I hope I didn't dream it) - another name more imaginative than the 1981 efforts.

Also Goddards royal wedding beer from the Isle of Wight would be called Windsor Knot - slightly less imaginative as Windsor and Eton Brewery already claim the same name.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pub History Conference Cancelled

The Pub History Conference scheduled for 19th february has been cancelled.