Friday, 24 October 2008

A staff half ?

I was just asked to make a radio comment on the story that two thirds of a pint had been suggested as a pub measure. Luckily I am busy at Twickenham Beer Festival.

London's radio listeners have been saved from offensive language.

The full story is here.


John Paul Adams said...

Surely they can do this at the moment? If they can sell a third of a pint, can't you just buy two of them?

Or is it a subtle way to metrification? Two thirds of a pint comes out at 379ml. With bottles being sold at 330ml and assuming the usual 10% under measure, there is not much difference :) :)

Have to admit that most half pints I get at beer festivals are way bigger than a half so we're already on the way to drinking two-thirds a pint. Some of the guys at the Piglet festival last week were very liberal with their measures!

Barry the Bus said...

Why is it, that when there is a newspaper article like this, the attached photo is of drunken city-type wankers? Is it designed to give the wrong message that all drinkers are irresponsible people?

Shurley shome mishtake...

Brewblogger said...

Better than me Steve - I ended up doing the story on a BBC Radio Wales show 0730 on the Sunday the clocks changed. And I'd been to a cider festival the day before. "Colourful" was one comment on my performance.