Friday, 3 October 2008

It was the best of times ?

If you think things are bad right now with pubs closing, the smoking ban, price inflation, duty increases, blah blah .....then maybe reflect on the quote below.

It is taken from The Brewer of April 1973 and is attributed to the quality Control Manager of Bass Marketing :

"Having consigned the manual beer engine and 'from the wood' to history, we are left with three basic dispensing systems. These are top pressure, electric and metered dispense."

"I think the most important item will be the universal facility for serving beer cool whatever the weather. It just is not true that as a nation we like warm beer, and in a few years time it will have disappeared altogether."

Thanks to the Brewery History Society latest newsletter for that.

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Bailey said...

That makes bleak reading. One of my friends went to university in Sheffield c.1997 and still shakes his head in amazement when he thinks about the ubiquitous Stone's Bitter being dispensed with two pushes of a button, and arriving on the bar with an inch of shaving foam where the head should have been.