Sunday, 3 May 2009

TV Publicans

Shamelessly lifted from this week's Publican, here are their top five TV publicans :

Moe Syzlak - The Simpsons

Bet Lynch - Coronation Street

Elmo Putney - Brush Strokes

Angie Watts - East Enders

Sam Malone - Cheers


Flip O' Hooligahn said...

What about the bird from the second series of the Liver Birds who is in Emmerdale?

Jeffrey said...

It's a bit depressing that two of them aren't even British and don't even run pubs...

Bobby "Bingo Wings" Babberstock (Mrs) said...

TV Publicans?

What about the ones that wear the clothes of their real gender?


Anonymous said...

What, Mo's taven not a pub ?

Bailey said...

I'm impressed that they included Elmo Putney. When I was a waiter in a Brewer's Fayre pub (yeesh), I had to watch a health and safety instruction video in which the same actor (Howard Lew Lewis) played a very stupid man who mishandled some broken glass and cut his hand. Happy days.

Wonathon Joss said...

Happy Days!

Was there a bar in that "nice" programme?