Monday, 11 May 2009

Spent Grains

On my recent trips to Fullers and Sambrook's breweries, it struck me how different in scale they were when I saw the spent grains being removed from the brewery to be taken away by farmers for animal feed. I took two short videos and then had to work out how to present them together.

Here is my first effort at movie making - not bad for a luddite - but then again - not brilliant. I hope you agree though that despite the shortcomings of the arty side the point is well made. Fuller's is a large brewery that brews excellent beer. Sambrook's is a small one with excellent beer. The brewing process is very similar - attention to quality will always give a good product.

Final apology that the blog has become slightly Fuller's and Sambrook's centric. I must get out more.


Bailey said...

We tried our first pint of Sambrook's the other day, at the Betjeman Arms, King's Cross. Can't remember the name of the specific beer, but we thought it was really excellent.

Rudolph said...

Different ways of coming up with 2 great products! So is this known as Malt-y tasking!!!!