Saturday, 23 May 2009

Ruddles Rhubarb at the Allotment

Something different today with a trip to the allotment to taste Ruddles Rhubarb beer from Greene King.

The beer is a 4.7% beer flavoured with rhubarb. It was the winner of the Tesco Beer Challenge in 2007 and remains a regular in their stores.

The beer has a distinct vanilla aroma, followed by a slightly synthetic tasting rhubarb sweetness - reminiscent of old-fashioned rhubarb and custard sweets. This is balanced by a lasting bitterness provided by the Brambling Cross hops.

It is not a session beer but is pleasant enough on a warm day for refreshment and provides an interesting if somewhat unchallenging flavour.

Apologies as usual for the production quality of the video. Apologies for the aircraft noise - the price of living 6 miles from Heathrow. Apologies for the slip of the tongue - I meant rhubarb fool of course, not raspberry fool. And apologies from the passing gardeners who put me off towards the end. I prefer to leave it as a one take (so long as my head is in-shot), so all of the shortcomings are part of the "charm".

You can also find some of the older video blogs here.


Mark said...

haha, charm indeed :)

I had this beer last year and all I can remember of it is the aroma of rhubarb and custard. I can't think back to how it tasted, but you saying 'synthetic' sounds about right. It's an odd beer this, not quite sure where it's fits in.

Bailey said...

Have you tried the Badger one with raspberry in (Long Daze, I think)? I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed that.

The Beer Justice said...

I haven't but thanks, I'll now look out for it. Steve

Rudolph said...

Another fine media piece by our very own "David Attenborough" of the beer world!!! Well you never know! :-) I shall keep a look out for this beer, always like trying something new!