Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A pound a pint

On my way to Wells and Youngs Brewery in Bedford this week, I took a detour via the local Wetherspoons in the town centre having arrived somewhat early.

The pub this week is showcasing the beers from Great Oakley Brewery, a new one on me and probably one I won't see again for a while. The beer was good, both the mild and the stronger Tailshaker. They weren't the best beers I had tasted recently but but they certainly were the cheapest. The promotion was selling the beers at £1.50 a pint and by the time I had volunteered one of my CAMRA vouchers, it was a pound.

Of course there are many who say this is not a good thing, there are many pubs in Bedford already boarded up and plenty more on the breadline. For me, on that day, I thought it was excellent value.

This is an opportune time to pass on the information that the Wetherspoon in Surbiton, The Cap in Hand, will be showcasing the range of eight beers from Twickenham Brewery over this coming weekend. Take a bit of extra money though as the price there will be £1.59 a pint.

The Kings Arms, Albion Road, Twickenham is also showcasing Twickenham Brewery beers this weekend. As this is not a Wetherspoons, the beer will not be a cheap as £1.59 but is a good pub and worthy of a visit all the same.


Dubbel said...

Harvest Moon JDW in Orpington currently showcasing the range of Westerham beers too at £1.69.

Tim said...

At these prices either JDW are selling these beers at cost, or are using their buying position to squeeze the brewery on price.

What you percieve as value is most likely resulting in less food on someone elses table.

Dubbel said...

I know for a fact, having had a conversation on the subject with the head brewer at Dark Star, that breweries certainly do not lose out when dealing with Wetherspoons, even when the ales are sold at festival prices. Do you really think all these breweries would be falling over themselves to supply JDW if they were?

This is just a convenient non-argument from the anti-spoons mob.

tankard said...

"the Wetherspoon in Surbiton, The Cap in Hand," - well Hook actually.

The Surbiton 'spoons is The Coronation Hall.
The Cap in Hand is 174, Hook Rise North, Hook, Surbiton; where Surbiton is the *Postal Town*.

According to the brewery, all of the following will be available at some point over the weekend, but probably not all at once.

Grandstand Bitter
Spring Ale
Naked Ladies
Gothick Dark
Pale Beauty
Honey Dark

I'll see you there.

The Beer Justice said...

oops - yes. I was confusing them. Thankfully someone is awake.

Caravaner QT said...

I rest my case, m'lud.