Friday, 3 April 2009

Who ate all the pies ?

Anyone who has read the editorial in the latest issue of London Drinker will know that I am now focusing on the weight that I have put on in the years as CAMRA's London director.

I took courage this morning and stepped on the scales for the first time in ages. I didn't need the talking scales to tell me I had put weight on but to be told "one at a time, please" was not nice.

A hefty 213 pounds, 15 stone 3, 96+ kilograms, the weight of a kilderkin, 18 gallons, a real (half) barrel o' beer.

My fighting weight is a good two stones lower, still heavy but not so morbidly obese. Two stones have got to go.

Started well with stodgy porridge, this morning. No more cheese, chocolate or biscuits.

Beer ? Well one has to keep one's pecker up so beer has to stay as a vital part of any diet. Fluid intake is essential.


Ronald Gutbucket said...

Did you make your porridge with water or skimmed milk?

The Beer Justice said...

Water - yum yum

Rudolph said...

You need to do more festivals as a cellarman. Every year at The Great British Beer Festival at Earls Court I lose a stone in 8 days. Could be the all liquid diet though!