Saturday, 25 April 2009

Morris Dancing at the Willoughby Arms

I try to take my camera and my small video camera wherever I go these days just in case I come across something interesting to share.

I arrived late afternoon at the Willoughby Arms beer festival having been delayed by the other beer festival at the local Wetherspoons. A long afternoon enjoying the range of 30 odd beers quickly turned into evening and the Ewell St Mary Morris Men arrived to dance. Of course, they needed fuel before they could muster the energy required but after a few jugs of foaming ale they got down to do their stuff.

As you can see by my short introduction, I think you need to be a bit pissed to enjoy Morris Dancing but for entertainment on St George's Day you cannot beat it.

This is eccentric England at its finest.

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Rudolph said...

I didn't see Morris dancing there, only his kids, Morris Minor's!!