Monday, 13 April 2009

Typical Bank Holiday Weather ?

Not in Margate ! The weather was as good as the beer, a beautiful sunny day. It was warm enough to stand outside on the prom until someone decided it was an elf and safety risk and we were all brought back into the safety of the beer hall.

Highlights of the day, apart from the weather, were mainly among the beer. It seems to me that the best micros are getting better and better. The stronger offerings from Dark Star (Ruby Mild 6% and IPA 6.2%) and Thornbridge (St Petersburg Stout 7.7%) were first class even though it meant that the real health and safety risk was my walk back to the station.

One other highlight was the bottle shop from Gadd's Brewery. An excellent range of foreign and british beers - including many rarer beers - such as a large range from Mikkeller in Denmark. Alas no formal mail order arrangement but if you are in the Ramsgate/Broadstairs area, it must be worth a look-in.


Rudolph said...

The festival was great. I stayed 2 whole days till the bitter end or was that a strong porter end!!

I agree with you, Gadds Bottle Shop was excellent and I bought several interesting Danish and Dutch beers. My rucksack was so heavy I was swaying all over the place walking home, so it wasn't the alcohol after all!!!

John Paul Adams said...

What's the weather forecast like for Eastbourne this Saturday? Going for the day to do the beer festival there, I'll leave the sitting in the AGM for others!