Saturday, 25 April 2009

Hare and Hounds

You may remember the story of my family enjoying the ages old tradition of father and son using the same watering hole. Well, it did not last long.

The Hare and Hounds closed a couple of months ago to enjoy the current trend of a Young's makeover. Originally the planning application was going to replace the 1930's public bar with a new gents toilet but a robust protest by drinkers to the local authority planning office was successful and Young's had to push ahead with plans for a makeover rather than a full refurbishment.

At the time, a huge bill board was posted outside the pub stating "At last".

What it means nobody knows.

However, ironically work on the pub stopped abruptly before Easter and the local paper published that there was a problem with planning for an upstairs kitchen and Youngs are now waiting until that planning application is agreed so that they can open with a fully operational food offering.

When it does finally reopen, we at least will be able to say "At Last".

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Dai Namic-Tenshun said...

Maybe it's a dyslexic Charles Atlas?