Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Farmhouse Beers

It could be that Farmhouse beers are the latest beer style to get a push. You will have read of the Lost Abbey, Biere de Garde that I enjoyed on my last post. Tomme Arthur, the brewmaster at Lost Abbey, USA is a master at brewing beers in Belgian style and his two bieres de garde style beers that I have tried are both delicious.

There is also a two page piece in the latest issue of Beers of the World magazine on Saisons and Bieres de Garde written by Roger Protz. I have only subscribed to this magazine over the last year or so but I think it is much improved and now very readable.

The latest book I am reading is the second in the series on Belgian Beers published by the Brewers Association (USA). Farmhouse Ales, written by Phil Markowski, brewer at Southampton Brew House, New York, covers the Saison and Biere de Garde styles in some detail. Like the one on Wild Brews, it does get a bit wordy and geeky at times though the books are aimed primarily at home brewers. It is an absolute must for your bookshelf if you have a more that passing interest in Belgian (and French) beers styles and want more than Michael Jackson has previously offered.

Finally the latest offering from Dark Star brewery is a Saison. A 4.5% brew, intentionally cloudy, with a classic sweet malty flavour and a characteristic spicy finish. I guess it won't be around for long, so catch it while you can.

Like buses all coming together, I feel that my whole knowledge of Farmhouse Beers has come in the last two weeks. Not necessarily the most characteristic or even well known beer styles but enjoyable all the same.


"Eddie Rowles" said...

I'm sure that Oddbins used to stock some French farmhouse beers back in the 80s - I've always quite liked them...

Anonymous said...

those two books are awesome, + brew like a monk make a little series of very good books.

I just wish there were more.

as for more French/Farm'ouse beers - watch...