Wednesday, 25 August 2010

London Brewers Brew Day in Pictures (3)

I include this photo solely for completeness. I have no idea what is going on. Personally I think it is an elaborate excuse as to why a pair of lady's tights were found in the brewery. Must have some basis in fact though because the boys from Fullers said that being a more traditional brewery they prefer to use stockings and suspenders.

The wort is now in the copper and a vigourous boil was needed. Perhaps not this vigourously though as the kettle was quickly bubbling over.

Derek (Fullers) says its ok though.


Andy said...

Fantastic pictures Steve and thanks for coming along. Any suggestions for tights that don't run will be most welcome!

jeff said...

Thanks for those Steve. I hope we get to taste some of the results out this way.

Not to make fun of your man from Fullers, but I wonder why no one else was brewing with their cuff links? 8-) Especially Phil!

Jeff @ Lovibonds