Sunday, 1 August 2010

London Ale Taster

My efforts on this blog this week are going to be directed towards the Great British Beer Festival but this post is to let people know that I have also started my official duties as The London Ale Taster and have kicked off a year long walk around London's pubs which I will be blogging about at

I would really eppreciate it if you would take a look at the new blog and give me some direction, let me know if I am on the right track and generally support my efforts.

If you don't like it, stay tuned here, where I will be continuing with the usual news, views and general beery stuff through the coming year.


Kake said...

New blog looks very promising! And thank you for putting each pub in its own entry — makes them much easier to link to. I love the idea of structuring it as a virtual pub crawl. How about a Google map or something like that?

Anne Admirer said...

I like both blogs.

I can't get enough of you!