Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sambrook's Junction

News on Sambrook's new beer is here.


BryanB said...

And it would have been available in the Magpie & Crown, too. )-:

tankard said...

...and two hours ago I saw the familiar blue banded casks being delivered to The Falcon at umm,... the Junction.
Tapped and spiled ready for sale at 17.00pm tomorrow Thurs 5/11.

John Paul Adams said...

That's lucky, should be at the Falcon tonight (Thu) after work for the festival, so an extra reason for going there.

John Paul Adams said...

Junction Ale was available last night (Thu) at the Falcon as said above. It was the last of the 10 beers I had so possibly not the best time to comment but it had that distinctive Sambrooks taste and quite pleasant. Shame it was on gravity as, like most of the other gravity beers, there was not much life to it.

Looking forward to seeing Wandle and Junction side by side for a proper comparison but it's looking good so far