Saturday, 21 November 2009

A dead parrot ?

Given that this blog has been fairly well received in the eighteen months that I have been working on it, and continues to attract an increasing readership, I thought it worth spreading my quill a little farther afield and see if I have the capability of some more formal writing projects.

I had a few ideas, one of which I have worked on in more detail in the last couple of weeks. I shared it with someone I trust and we agreed that it was worthy of further research and work.

I am fast learning the ups and downs of the publishing world. My proposal has been tweaked at least four times so far and the pitch is now ready for a wider audience.

I am not going to elaborate further at this stage as the project is still very much a work-in-progress. One thing is for sure, I will give it my best shot to see if I have the confidence and the ability to become a "real" beer writer.


Phil Ossifferr said...

So, are you just going to give up then?

Maybe you should approach your thinking from another direction.

Try something completely unrelated and see what emerges.

tankard said...

I agree with Phil:
"you should approach your thinking from another direction."
For example when in BrĂ¼no last we had three "pints" and a meal for the equivalent of £8.50.
"Gosh" I said, "that's the cost of 3 pints back home so that means the meal was free".
"Ah" said the analyst amongst us, "No. The meal cost £8.50 and the Beer was Free". Now that sounded much better, Don't you agree.