Sunday, 22 November 2009

Double Beer Festival

On Saturday there was a joint beer festival between the Bull at Horton Kirby, Kent's CAMRA pub of the year and the Dartford Working Mens' Club, the Club of the year for Kent.

Both bars had twenty or so beers available and transport was laid on between the two - a ride of twenty minutes or so - an excellent idea that should be applauded and supported.

I enjoyed three pints of Gales Seafarers at the Fullers results presentation at breakfast on Friday morning and decided to hot foot it down to Kent for the beer festival.

Idiot ! I did not check my diary - or my London Drinker - for if I had I would have realised that the beer festival was only on the Saturday.

Nevertheless I enjoyed three pints of great beer at the Dartford Working Mens' Club at £2.05 a pint - the Marble Pint and York Centurion's Ghost were both excellent choices. My plan was then to get the bus to HK but I ran out of steam and headed for home with my tail betweeen my legs. A lesson learned the hard way.


BryanB said...

We've all done something like that at some point or other!

Rudolph said...

That's the spirit, beer for breakfast!!! Glad you enjoyed the Dartford Club, I am very lucky to have this club on my doorstep. If you had ventured to the Bull, you would have found the festival had started on Friday. I was there delivering glasses to help. Excellent beer range and 9mth matured Dark Star Imperial Stout ( lovely!! )