Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Last Friday I took my wife and my parents on a Steam Dreams puffer train trip to Lincoln Christmas Market.

An early start to get the 9.18 puffer from Kings Cross, sustained with on-board champagne and full English, arriving at Lincoln at about 1pm, returning at 5pm for dinner and a chuff back to London. An excellent way to spend the day.

The market itself - Europes largest - was full of the usual tat that people feel obliged to buy at this time of year but it was interesting to see a good range of real ale for sale among the traditional mulled wine and cider.

Local (ish) breweries, Milestone and Cropton had stalls showcasing their hand pulled ales together with a range of Christmas labelled bottle conditioned beers.

However, the one stall that caught my eye was one from Direct Beers.

Sourcing bottle conditioned beers from a Derbyshire brewer, the owner then uses his marketing skills in re-labelling the beers with names such as Yellow Piss, Bullshit and Knobgoblin.

This is what we want as was clearly demonstrated by the fact that this was easily the busiest beer stand at the event but also the most expnsive at £3 per bottle.


John Paul Adams said...

Nerd note: I saw your train go through Finsbury Park on Friday morning at 9.25am whilst going into work. The smoke was black and thick, did they use the wrong coal that day?

Steam trains leaving London are becoming too common, there were only three trains spotters at F Park to see it!

maeib said...

And to think The Portman Group have a go at BrewDog, Orkney et al.

Not sure I understand how he gets away with using those names.

Codpiece Harrison said...

I like a bottle of Ruggington's Old Quim, 5.6 abv. Uses a lot of finings or just a couple of haddock...

Bailey said...

Oh dear. I guess the people buying those beers were intending to give them to dads and uncles as an "amusing" Christmas gift...? I'm not a fan of naughty beer names. Odd, considering how puerile I am 90% of the time.

The Questioner said...

Bailey, what are you the other 10% of the time?