Thursday, 4 December 2008

Fullers Brewery

I must be still ill as my trip to Fullers on Tuesday was not followed by the customary hangover. This was nothing to do with lack of hospitality - the beer flowed freely. I just took a little for medicinal purposes. Mainly London Porter, a little ESB, some Chiswick, a dram of HSB and a snifter of Brewer's Reserve.

A few pieces of gossip picked up :

The New Year will see the launch of a bottle conditioned IPA, not quite a "historic" version but about 5.5% and 50 bitterness units - so a good effort. I had a surreptitious taster and confirm that this will be a winner. Hopefully we will also see the odd cask at a CAMRA beer festival.

Hopefully we will also see a bottle conditioned version of London Porter sometime next year. This beer is already great in a bottle, a bottle conditioned version will be absolutely fantastic.

The message at Fuller's was clear - if you want to see London Porter available in cask throughout the year, you must drink loads of it but also you must write to the brewery marketing team who think it works best as a seasonal. I suggest you start with emails to

One final thing worthy of comment was that on one of the brewery notice boards was a weekly review of the pubs written by Simon Emeny, the pubs director. On it, he had lifted this review from my blog. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I would have hoped he would have at least said where he had pinched it from !

(I know it is not really him who researches this sort of stuff but Michelle, if you are reading this, feel free to take anything from here that you can ever use.)

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