Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas dinner was a failure on the beer front as most of the beers I had been so looking forward to failed to deliver. Much of the beer (bottled by UK microbreweries) seemed to be lacking in condition, oxidised and just not drinkable.

I turned to wine for the first time in ages and enjoyed a NZ pinot noir and a drop of Barolo. However, the day was saved by a bottle of Otley O8 with my Christmas pudding. Although again lacking in condition, the gravity of 8% was beefy enough to provide the fruit character to accompany a rich pudding. Lychees, mango and apricots all came through and it was an excellent match.

Not much to comment on the present front. However there was a present with the beer I bought from which was a bar of beer soap - a message there methinks. The soap made from beer has a lovely malty mash fragrance and, as my new after shave balm seems to be fragrance free, means that I smell of fresh beer coming out of the shower rather than stale beer sometime later.

Today I am going to give up on the micro bottled beers and have some Wells and Youngs and something from my Lost Abbey selection box.

Merry Christmas everyone !


Richard "Dick" Scratcher said...

Oh dear!

I had a couple of bottles of Fullers Vintage Ale 2005.

Went well with the M & S Steak and Kidney Pie.

maeib said...

BeerMerchants do his and hers soap. The girlie one is made with Fruli and smells delicious.