Friday, 28 November 2008

Wot he said ..

I have been laid up with flu for the last week or so which means another week of good drinking passed me by - together with various CAMRA meetings.

At a time early in the week, I was sweating and hallucinating and I thought I heard the chancellor say that duty on beer would go up to compensate for the reduction in VAT and that it would be a permanent increase on top of the already draconian increases already scheduled.

There are plenty of beer blogs around and many cover the sort of stories that catch my eye. Most are written by enthusiastic amateurs - like me - but some are written by professional writers. These are the guys who can write most eloquently and succinctly and sometimes it is not worth re-writing but just directing people to the oracle.

On this occasion, Pete Brown, has put it perfectly.

I refer you his blog here

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Dick Scratcher said...

Welcome back!