Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Back in service

No sooner have the clocks gone back than I am struck down with winter blues and lethargy sets in. I am not sure whether the sluggishness was caused by lack of beer or whether the lack of beer caused such a mood. In any case, I have not had a proper beer since the Winter Warmer breakfast and have missed out on some good drinking in the last week. I am now champing at the bit to get going again.

I reached the turning point last night as I watched my team put on an acceptable performance at the Theatre of Dreams and shared a half of Budweiser in their plush bar. The journey home was very much enjoyed by roadworks on the M6 and a final destination reached at 5.15 this morning.

Yes, I am ready for a pint again !


sir reginald parsley-muncher said...


Who had a song about that?

Oh yes, The Who!

Ha! Ha!

Phnarr! Phnarr!

The Beer Justice said...

Surely that was 5.15pm rather than am though ?

Keef Moone (not to be confused with Keith Moon) said...

It could have been AM. Jimmy might have been on the Milk Train!

Anonymous said...

am or pm - discuss

Lord Gonad-Truss said...

Is discuss in the olympics, or is that discus?