Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Thousands of beer lovers can't be wrong

The 1,000th unique visitor to this blog will arrive today. Welcome.

I started this as a bit of fun in August and I am thrilled that so many beer lovers have dropped by to see what I have got to say. They can't all be friends and family - although I know many are.

Many people only come once suggesting that the content is not universally appreciated but there are a significant number of you who return regularly. I thank you all for your interest.

This blog is by no means of the same quality of Stonch's Beer Blog but the numbers of you visiting really does make the effort worthwhile and gives strength to continue.

Cheers all !

1 comment:

Henrich von Kugelschreiber said...

I fink yor blogg is bluddy marvluss.

I lyke a beeer or too butt mie spelin is knot gud lyke yors.

Iff I am the fowsanf viziter du I get a prise?

Keap up the gud werk!