Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Pub of the Year

One of the categories for scoring in the pub of the year competition is "Sympathy with CAMRA aims" - a bit of a catch all category on general CAMRA values.

Judging a pub can never be an exact science but by way of illustration, the following is an extract from the judging guidance notes.

Relevant CAMRA policies on pubs are summarised below and a POTY candidate would be expected to conform with those policies. On a more general note, does the pub espouse and promote our values? Is cask beer given a positive push here? Is information offered about the ales sold? Does the pub try to stimulate interest in the sorts of issues we’re concerned about?


3.1 For a comprehensive schedule of CAMRA policies, refer to the
regularly-issued Internal and External Policy Documents. If a POTY
candidate offends national policy to the extent that it would not be
eligible for inclusion in the Good Beer Guide, then it must
automatically be excluded from the competition. Positive support of
CAMRA policy will clearly count in its favour.

3.2 Pubs should be considered as important centres of community life
and places for informal social drinking.

3.3 We oppose entry restrictions on grounds of dress, shape, size,
gender, sexuality, colour, ethnic origin or religion.

3.4 Where practicable access should be possible for people with
disabilities, who should be treated with care and consideration.

3.5 We are concerned at the damaging effect of unnecessarily noisy
electronic amusement machines.

3.6 Price lists should be prominently displayed, as should opening

3.7 We support the introduction of full-pint legislation (and would
therefore expect POTY candidates to give full measure).

3.8 Beers should not be served through a tight sparkler if not brewed to
be dispensed in that way.

3.9 We deplore pubs advertising beers as “house brands” when they
aren’t produced by or exclusively for that pub.

3.10 We oppose the selling of non-traditional beer or cider using
handpumps (real or fake).

3.11 We will expose pubs guilty of over-pricing.

3.12 We will promote both mild and real draught cider and perry.


Jeff said...

That's very interesting. On the face of it all that's quite reasonable. At least there's no prohibition on "piped music"!

I put piped music in speech marks because it's an expression I've only ever encountered in CAMRA publications!

The Beer Justice said...

Must be a reference to Scotland CAMRA :-)