Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Lewes Arms

The Lewes Arms, in Lewes, which was the subject of a bitter battle when Greene King took out the locals' favourite beer, Harveys Best Bitter, has been bought by Fullers.

Not wishing to get into the same sort of dispute, sensibly Fullers have already agreed that Harveys Best will sit on the bar alongside the usual Fullers range. In return, Harveys have agreed that their flagship London pub, the Royal Oak in Tabard Street, Borough will permanently stock one Fullers beer.

The Royal Oak is home to the CAMRA London Regional meetings is one of the top pubs in London for beer quality. The London Pride (or other) will no doubt be in tip top form but I cannot see it competing against the delicious range of Harveys beers. Indeed I am disappointed that one of the pumps will replace a Harveys beer with the Fullers.

This is one of the only pubs in London to permanently stock a mild so hopefully that is not the one that will be sacrificed.

The beer in the Lewes Arms will also always be of good quality as it will be leased under the supervision of the landlord of the Basketmakers Arms, Brighton, another pub where real ale is king.

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