Friday, 8 August 2008

GBBF (9) Beer Ticking

I spent yesterday taking a camera crew around GBBF doing a film about beer ticking. Brian the Ticker had previously drunk 39,985 different beers over a 30 year period and was chasing his landmark 40,000.

The first 2 hours was spent analysing the programme to see how many winners there were on the list. Luckily there were 18 which given some might not be available would mean that chasing 15 over the day would be possible.

A further couple of hours spent watching Brian sampling his beers approaching the 40,000th; then it was time for the money shot.

By this time Brian was oblivious to the camera crew and marched off to buy his 40,000th beer. The camera crew chased after him to the Scotland bar. With perfect timing, just as Brian was buying his landmark beer Tryst, Stars in Stripes, the battery in the video camera failed and we missed the big moment.

A quick replacement battery meant that we were able to film Brian drinking his 40,000th and he was clearly delighted to be Britain's Best Beer Ticker !


Paul Garrard said...

Just out of interest did he fit the ticker stereotype?

The Beer Justice said...

well, to get to 40,000 you have to be of a certain age but he was at least married - because his wife rang him in the middle of his 5 minutes of fame to ask when he would be home for tea :-)