Monday, 25 August 2008

Andover Arms

The Andover Arms is a community locals pub hidden in the back streets of Hammersmith, W6 at the Ravenscourt Park end. It is a Fullers pub that is well worth the effort of finding. Having featured in the Good Beer Guide continuously since 1996, it remains one of my favourite places to spend an afternoon. As well as the usual Fullers range it has also hosted a couple of small beer festivals in the past year and there is another offering on 5th to 7th September.

The beers list features some great beers from great breweries, as follows :

Bateman's XXXB (4.8%)
Castle Rock Black Gold (3.8%)
Castle Rock Hemlock (4%)
Hambleton Stallion (4.2%)
Holdens Mild (3.7%)
Nottingham Dreadnought (4.5%)
Oakham JHB (3.8%)
Roosters Yankee (4.3%)
York Terrier (4.2%)

Although my visits usually coincide with a QPR match, on this occasion there is no football that weekend. So with no sorrows to drown I am looking forward to at least a half of each at some point over the weekend !

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