Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Hop Farm Beer Festival

I have once again been asked to be a judge at the SIBA South East beer judging. This is being held for the second year next week at :

The Beer Festival is organised by SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers).

30+ breweries in the South East will enter over 120 beers competing in categories to include Best Bitters, Strong Ales, Porters, Old Ales & Stouts, Milds, Speciality Beers and Bottled Beers. The judging panel will comprise SIBA Members, Brewers, CAMRA members and well-known Beer Writers.

The Beer Festival will also include craft brewed, traditionally matured continental style lagers produced by SIBA brewers in the South East as well as a selection of ciders.

SIBA used to host their SE competition at one of the larger local beer festivals; Ealing and previously Reading. Such is the growth of the micro brewing sector and the success of SIBA itself, they have now outgrown even the largest CAMRA festival in SE England and now host their own event.

Although, not a CAMRA beer festival per se, many of the volunteers here are local CAMRA members and last year's event was a great success and an enjoyable day out.

I commend it to your attention !

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