Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Southwold - A Photo Diary

Last week, I took my good lady away for a few days to celebrate her significant birthday. There follows my story of the trip. Her story may be different.

<<< Is that a brewery that I can see through our bedroom window ?

Do you know, I think it might be >>>

Darling, I think I can see the sea ! >>>

<<< Ooh look that's an off licence.

No, THAT'S an off licence ! Result, bottles of Tally Ho.>>>

<<< I think there's a lighthouse somewhere in Southwold. Let's ask in the pub where it is.

Did you know that Adnams now have a distillery ?

<<< Great hotel, warm welcome, beautiful room, award winning restaurant, comprehensive wine list, choice of cask ales, shame about the Tally Ho.

There you are, a great location for a few days away from the smoke.

A shame that birdwatching commitments meant there was no time to take a closer look at the brewery or distillery but in truth, wherever you visit, you should always leave a reason to return. We'll definitely be back soon.

PS The story of the lack of Tally Ho in the hotel restaurant is not really for public consumption as the only thing it really proved is that a beer-geek can be easily as bad as the worst wine bore when it comes to sharing the passion. Perhaps I'll pluck up the courage to elaborate more someday.


dredpenguin said...

Nice...good to see some more beer related photo blogs.

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

I didnt think brewers were allowed to be distillers in the motherland?

idea! said...

Being ensconced in the south west of France for 7 years two things I sorely miss - fish 'n' chips and Adnams beers. Various friends and family who decide on rare occasions to drive down top up supplies. There is an English guy who has a micro brewery about 80 miles from us who produces excellent brews - www.etxekobobsbeer.fr

The Beer Justice said...

KHM - I believe the law has changed recently to allow a distillery in a brewery. Steve

Reg the Bookie said...

Ah well, as you know, you can put a monkey on a pony, but can you put a pony on a monkey?