Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Beer Geek Meets Girl

Sometimes, when you are the sixty fourth in the top beer bloggers in the UK, it is easy to take yourself too seriously.

Every now and then something pops up to haul you back and remind you that "it's only beer"

I first found this video on Brookston Beer Bulletin but do not think it has been widely shared on this side of the pond. (The original creator is liquidhorseplay)

Very VERY funny .....


Mark said...

I want an Octuple IPA!

Very funny :)

Tandleman said...

Been doing the rounds for a couple of weeks, but very good.

ChrisM said...

I'll have a butt plug Belgian sour with a dash of lime, please.

Charles Hasnovoice said...

I think I have met someone like that.

In fact, both of them.

Check out the other one with their version of Garrett Oliver.