Friday, 15 April 2011

How many pubs in a marathon ?

On Sunday 17th April the streets of central London will be pounded by the feet of the runners of the London Marathon. London's favourite brewery, Fuller's, are again showing the health benefits of a beer before, during and after exercise by sponsoring the event with the official beer of the marathon, London Pride.

This will also be demonstrated when the man dressed as a bottle of London Pride again beats the bottle of Lucozade to the finishing line. Fuller's staff will also be manning the various official cheering stations where you will be able to pick up your flag and enjoy a taster of the official beer.

Fuller's have also published a spectators guide - downloadable here - which shows a map of the course, the locations of the cheering stations and details of the real marathon, the 13 Fuller's pubs on or near the route plus a further 5 near the finish.

13 pubs in less than five hours - a marathon but slightly more achievable for me than 26 miles.

Cheers !

By the way, a funny thing happened yesterday. A kind person posted a link to my blog to the news stream

As a result, instead of a couple of hundred people visiting, in the last 24 hours over 3,000 have dropped by.

If any of you have popped in for a second look, you are most welcome. It might just help to improve my Wikio blog ranking from a lowly 64th !

Otherwise I am going to be pretty embarrassed at the beer bloggers conference when they ask "now, which one of you has the lowest ranking blog ? "


Jane - Kitchen Stools Direct said...

The countdown has begun.. two more days for the Sunday marathon. Will surely be there! Nice post and thanks for the Fuller's link.

Bryan - Cheese Graters 'R' Us said...

One day to go!