Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pub History Conference


It has been announced that this year's Pub History Conference will take place on Saturday 19th February.

The conference, organised by the Pub History Society, will again be held at the National Archives in Kew and will include a wide range of speakers on various aspects of inns and taverns and their role in British society. It is expected to start at 11am and finish at 4pm.

See what I thought about last year's conference here.

This year's subjects are likely to include lager drinking in Edwardian England, seventeenth century survival in Suffolk, the records that innkeepers left behind and the role of pubs in rural Northants.

It is also hoped to have speakers on pub tiles, a Quaker temperance archive and a guest appearance by David Bruce, founder of the Firkin chain of brewpubs, reminiscing about how the Firkins changed the pub scene forever.

A show-and-tell session on pub related ephemera and memorabilia wraps up what should prove to be another enjoyable day.

Tickets are £5 on the door, which will include three months membership of the Society, tea and coffee and a behind scenes tour of the UK’s national archives. Pub History Society Members Free of charge. Further information and booking details are here.

If anyone thinks that the event might be a little dry and that there are no decent watering holes around the Archives, afterwards it is a short stroll back along the riverbank to Mortlake for a glance at the exterior of its historic brewery (now the Budweiser factory) and a beer or two in the local pubs, the old and the more modern.

By the way, for final clarification, I am not the same Steve Williams who helps organise this event and who is a Pub History Society committee member.


Steve Walliams said...

Steve Williams?

Another one?

Shurely shome mishtake...

The Beer Justice said...

Plenty..... Tiger Woods caddy, Steve Austin the wrestler, Ex Saints and Arse footballer - I'm none of those either.

Brew Wales said...

Is Mortlake brewery (sic) still open? Ony Bud is being brewed at my local factory in Magor now.

Steve said...

Mortlake is open til the end of the year after which we will probably see luxury flats on the site.