Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year

Yes, Yes, I know it's already a week into the year and I know that it is a month since the last post but what else could I offer as my start to another fresh year.

Christmas came and went, a trip to Ghent just before was cold but picturesque - more about the beers and bars some other time, if yer lucky. Weather thereafter meant that I strayed no farther than my cable tow from my Christmas tree.

Weather also meant my delivery from Meantime College Beer Club did not make it for Christmas and remains unopened awaiting a time when I just fancy a 13% Imperial Russian Stout - mmm

Next delivery from Mybrewerytap 52 week US beer club did make it through the snow but I have yet to do it justice apart from admire the list of beers within.

Christmas and New Year drinking was non eventful; saved by four pints of Dark Star (Hophead and APA) at the Evening Star on New Year Eve and a reacquainting with canned beer courtesy of Fullers - did beer in a tin always taste that good ? More on this too anon.

All I can offer you this year is more of the same. Though the more I read other peoples blogs the more I realise my shortcomings here. I am also going to suffer (suffer ?) a very big birthday at the beginning of August and would hate to be the oldest swinger in town so will have to suck it and see thereafter.

Anyway, I wish you all well for this year. Those who I know, I hope to bump into you over a pint or two somewhere on our travels. Those I don't know or who are farther afield, you mad fools, what are you doing here ?


Rabidbarfly said...

Happy 80th in advance! ;-)

Ali Barber said...

Get your hair cut!