Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hall & Woodhouse - A Gun Box of Beer ?

My blogging failings are shown up for all to see as I continue my Christmas gift guide well into the new year.

During last year Hall & Woodhouse Brewery created a gift box which was sent out to various media, beer writers, bloggers and other PR contacts to promote a new range of bottles.

The cardboard box holding a dozen bottles was designed to look like a wooden gun case with rope handles and printed in a wood effect. Inside the lid were found the tasting notes for the ten beers and two ciders.

The design and presentation of the gun box was so good that it went onto win an award for innovative packaging and is now available to the public via the Badger Direct website.

The Badger boys (and girls) are one of the family brewers who have embraced the internet fully and are using their website(s) with a great deal of creativity :

Check out the Badger Sett Ale Club web-site here.

and some funny stuff from Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham on their excellent website here.

Hall and Woodhouse is changing. They took a major decision some time ago to redevelop the old brewery site and replace it with a more modern plant. There were sceptic mutterings at the time about whether The Badger really had the appetite for such a big project. The announcement that the new brewhouse had been commissioned put a stop to that scepticism and now there is up-to-date news that the new brewery development is well under way - watch this space.

For the avoidance of doubt, I was delighted to receive such a box of beer and thoroughly enjoyed its contents. Thanks Badger !

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