Wednesday, 22 September 2010

London Brewers Alliance Showcase

As promised, the London Brewers Alliance Showcase was held last week and enjoyed by all of the three hundred or so visitors.

I had been asked by the editor of London Drinker magazine to write a piece for the next magazine but the deadline was on the next morning. And so it was with heavy head that I dragged myself to my pc that day having thoroughly enjoyed all of the beers from the London Brewers; the Collaboration Porter, the Kernel Citra IPA and the cask strength Fullers Brewers Reserve being among the highlights for me.

I thought that writing at such a late deadline I would be among the first to share my views of the evening. Wrong of course. The internet was alive the very next day with Blogville taking full advantage of the immediacy of the platform. I think the Twittersphere was buzzing throughout the event but was still humming for days afterwards.

Thus you will still have to wait for a week or so to see the London Drinker article. In the meantime there are plenty who have described the evening more fully and eloquently than I could have

Take a look at Pencil and Spoon, Londoneer, Boggle, Beermerchants, BikesforBeer and BeerViking

You can also find them all in one place on the Facebook link I have inserted alongside.

I would be wrong to claim that I helped organise the event but I was on hand helping out on the day and am fully supporting the London Brewers in their efforts.

One area of query I have is that there have been absolutely no negative comments, not one. In my experience of CAMRA and pub festivals there are normally a few moans and groans and it is important to hear those in order to make future events bigger and better.

If anyone does have anything they wish to raise about the London Brewers Alliance Showcase please leave a comment on the blog here or email me privately to and I will ensure it is passed on.


Stephen Harris said...

I've got a negative comment - the flippin' thing clashed with the One Day Cricket International at the Oval, England vs Pakistan, for which I had been mug enough to stump up £53 for a ticket - and you just can't be in two places at once (yet). But that's my fault and mine alone. Actually you're right, eveyone I know who went to the event at Brew Wharf thoroughly enjoyed it.

londonism said...

Is it true that "mad" phil lowry has been pushed out as brewer at vinopolis? if so that's a shame. yes, he lacks social skills but his beer was pretty decent!