Monday, 6 September 2010

Brewdog or Marble ? or Both ?

Busy week this week sees a Brewdog tasting at the Rake on Tuesday at 8pm followed by a meet the Marble brewer at the Cask, Pimlico on Wednesday.

Sometimes you can't get to every event that hits your mailbox and personally I am less enthusiastic about a thimbleful of stupid percent beer poured from a stuffed animal than I am for a bar stacked with ten beers from one of the country's finest breweries.

I have always been well impressed with beers from the Marble Brewery in Manchester and I was blown away with this one last week - found in the Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak (more about this pub later).

Marble 57, so named because it is 5.7%, (or is it the brewer's fifty seventh brew ?) gave me a real Jaipur moment. Hopefully it will be available on Wednesday at the Cask.

Like hops ? Don't miss this.


John Clarke said...

It was the 57th brew from the new brewery down the road from the pub, on Williamson St, and also happily coincided with the opening of the new Marble outlet in Manchester, 57 Thomas Street

Bailey said...

I like the idea of a "Jaipur moment". Like Hardknott Dave's inadvertent invention of the Blogoshire, I can see that one entering the lexicon.

ChrisM said...

They really need to clean the brass on that handpump... ;-)

James, BrewDog said...

We are also tasting AB:03 on Keg, and Devine Rebel Mortlach Reserve 2008. Oh and we have Dogma too. And it is free.

All more than a thimbleful :)

Dominic, Marble Brewery said...

Anyone who brings me a bottle of Dogma from the Brewdog tasting will get a FREE Chocolate Cupcake made by own fair hands. And I'll buy you a pint or something.

John Clarke said...

Dogma? Bleurgh! I've got a couple of bottles languishing in my cellar - Dom, give me a bell next week (when I'm back from the Bruges Beer Festival) and I'll bring them up to the Marble Arch for you.

The Beer Justice said...

Bailey, Dave may be in the blogoshire, we are in the blogopolis surely.

James - living near Mortlake (London) I am interested in the Mortlach distillery so need to chase that one down someday, I didn't mean that post to sound so dismissive as it came out but you have slightly lost my attention with the End of History stuff.

Dave Thackeray said...

Got a Marble Beers' Lagonda IPA on at the Southport Beer Festival, starting tonight. Hope it delivers the same levels of frisky delight as Beer 57 called within you.

Anyone else heading west for this three-dayer?