Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Part-time Beer Blogger

Bloody Hell ! I bet you thought I had run off to join the loonies. If half of the visitors here disappeared over the Christmas break, I guess the other half have now left following my holiday.

I have just been away for two trips. The first was a Beer and Battlefields 5 day tour in Belgium with Podge's Tours . More on this later but, suffice to say, if you have not yet come across Podge's Tours, they now have wholehearted Beer Justice approval.

Having left Mrs W at home for close to a week, she was insistent that she also get a break away. I tried to convince her that a short break to Ghent or Antwerp was best, I even had my eye on The Football Pub in Rome and was close to convincing her but something a little more upmarket was required and a Mediterranean cruise was booked at the last minute. Again, more about this anon but boy, if you want to eat 24-7, this is the holiday for you. San Miguel for a week is less recommended though - far too gassy for my tender tummy.

Anyhow, for those who showed concern, I am back in circulation and have plenty in the diary so I will hopefully now be bringing more of the same sort of stuff that has grown the readership to double figures over the last couple of years.

Cheers for now ....

By the way, get well soon to a loyal visitor to this blog, BryanB, who was on the receiving end of a Viking's axe a short while ago.

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Billy Bongo said...

You're back then?