Friday, 23 April 2010

Monster Raving Loonies

I have no real desire to comment on the election, but I did come across the Monster Raving Loonies manifesto which includes the following :

Identity Cards

ID cards will be issued in form of a small compact mirror with the following instructions.

1.If asked to identify yourself .....look in mirror to check that its you. If you cannot identify yourself....

2.Ask someone else to look in the mirror to see if its you....If you still cannot identify yourself....

3.Try again later when sober.

My own suggestion for their manifesto is as follows :

Reduce the drinking age in pubs to 16 and increase the drinking age in off-licenses and supermarkets to 21. Thus removing street and home binge drinking among under 21s into the controlled, supervised and safe environment of the pub. We all started drinking beer sensibly in pubs aged 16 and 17, why not our children and grandchildren ?


Mark, said...

Interesting idea, but last time I walked past a Yate's wine bar safe isn't a word that comes to mind, not sure I'd want an extra bunch of 16 years old hanging out in there all day! Different in a family orientated boozer, granted.

The Pub Diaries said...

If we were to limit under 21s to pubs they'd still get their hands on booze, and how many 16 year olds could afford drinking in pubs when they can get a bottle of cheap cider, plonk or whatever else by whatver means. I hate to say this on St Georges Day but our French, Spanish and Italian neighbours don't seem to do badly with educating kids around alcohol... why do we have such a problem!

N Bates said...

More 16 year old chavs in pubs means more 6 month old chavs in chav-perambulators, therefore more alienation of upstanding citizens.

Are you talking rubbish again?

No Mother, I have seen the future and it scares me!

I am making the cocoa, dear, that will relax you...