Saturday, 21 February 2009

Video Blog 1 - Zywiec Porter

I purchased this new gadget last month and have now plucked up the confidence to have a go at a video blog.

I am keen to share some interesting, less common beers, guide people to interesting web-sites, books or magazines, and generally to have some fun with new media.

Although I think I need to be a bit more thorough on the beer tasting, it is not bad for a first effort from a complete technophobe but I let you be the final judge. I would appreciate feed back whether this is OK or not.

The beer tasted is Zywiec Porter, a 9.5% baltic porter imported from Poland. This brewery has been brewing since 1856 and the beer has been made since 1881 so I guess they are getting the hang of it.

The beer was served and tasted at a cellar temperature but as it warmed up afterwards the complexities came through. Some really nice fruit flavours, fruit cake, vanilla and raisins with very little harshness from such a high gravity beer. The highlight was the longest finish and lovely bitter aftertaste that I have tasted recently.

The web-sites mentioned are - Zak Avery, Beer Writer of the Year

and - Boak and Bailey from the beer blog world.

Sorry but thus far, I have not managed to work out how to upload the video ! The first video blog without a video :-) Hopefully it is now here.

Cheers for now


Lech said...

Nice video, shame about the brickwork.

You should have got someone from the land of Zywiec to do it instead.

Was that a Fuller's glass?

Keep up the good work!

Bailey said...

That was great, Steve -- relaxed and to the point, without too much mucking about. You should do some more for sure.

I hope someone from Zywiec sees it and bungs you a case as a thank you...

Mark said...

Cool first vblog! If you're on windows the new ones come with movie maker which is a good simple editor programme.

I've just started trying out videos on my blog. To get the video onto the blog you copy the embed data (on the right of the youtube screen beneath the url in the grey box) into your blog creator/editor (it goes in right at the top as html code and then appears by magic in the blog - took me ages to work out how to do it!!).

Rudolph said...

Very entertaining and great first effort. I agree excellent beer, first discovered it at Beer Expose last year.
I did like the 'subtle' product placements of Fullers, Youngs and the Great British Beer Festival ! But if James Bond can do it so can you :-)
So when do you replace the buffoons on the Oz and May show, you would do a much better job.

The Beer Justice said...

Mark - thanks for the tips - very useful and much appreciated.

Rudolph - there are some excellent placements of London Pride in the new series of Minder - in fact just like the old version in the 80's

Jakob Chzwichsky said...

Żadnego! Stephen, mogłabym zrobić lepszą pracę waszego ściana! Bardzo przyjemne piwo, jed z moich faworytów.

Susie Su said...

I'm impressed Chris said save him some for when we next come and visit, but you need a haircut cus x

Teezy Weezy said...

And some more Grecian 2000!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea where I can get hold of a case of zwyiec porter?
I've been searching for ages!

The Beer Justice said...

Anon, no idea. Seems to be available more in USA than here in UK presently. A shame.