Thursday, 5 February 2009

Sambrook's Brewery

Just a quick one, a number of people have asked me where they can find the beer from London's newest brewery, Sambrook's.

Luckily, I have just been nominated to be CAMRA's brewery liaison officer for said brewery so I will hopefully be able to share any knowledge here.

The confirmed permanent stockists as follows:

Westbridge (Battersea Bridge)
Roundhouse (Battersea Rise)
Cow (Ladbroke Grove)
Brown Dog (Barnes)

Others pubs where the beer has been on regularly are :

Cats Back (Putney)
Tooting Conservative & Unionist Club (Tooting)
Duchess (Battersea)
Le Gothique (Wandsworth Common)
Distillers (Hammersmith)

Of course, you may be lucky and find the beer in many other London pubs and beer festivals but probably on an occoasional basis.


Confused of Acton said...

Brown Dog?

Which pub has been re-named?

Charlie Chuckles said...

The Brown Dog used to be the Rose of Denmark a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

and the Westbridge AND the Roundhouse ?

Billy Bongo said...

I bet that bloke from Capital Pubcheck in London Drinker would know.


No, I can't place him.

JOCKO said...

Whatdo you think about there first beer.I had it at the EGHAM fest and the concensus was that it was a pretty dull beer.It was on in the Magpie in Brentford last week and i gave it a miss as i could only have 1 beer but fellow scoopers said it was a far better pint. ANY NEWS ON OTHER BEERS TO COME. CHEERS

The Beer Justice said...

Like any new brewery the first beers will improve brew by brew. The formal brewery launch will be in April and will be followed by at least one other beer.

Ivan Peters-Arnold said...

Thankyou Mr Justice.

Your words of wisdom brighten a dismal day.

PS Can you spare 99p for a pint, guv?

jocko said...

Thanks for the info.Surprised that its not on the Battersea beer list any reason why. cheers

The Beer Justice said...

There are likely to be more brewery visits arranged in the next month. Watch the web-site or this site.

Alas, the list for Battersea was finalised before Sambrook's came on-line. I am still hoping it may make a late appearance.

Offramp said...

Gah! The nearest one to me by a long chalk is in Tooting. I rang the Tooting C & U but the man said I could only get in with a member.

That is totally reasonable.
But I think it bodes well for Sambrooks that I am actually considering social intercourse with Conservatives and Unionists! in order to try some of their beer.