Saturday, 21 February 2009

Pancake Day

Possibly staying on a pagan theme, next week brings us Shrove Tuesday and our friends at Black Sheep have suggested Mrs Theakston's pancake recipe which I hope to find time to try.

110g/ 4ozs of plain flour
2 large eggs
7fl ozs of milk
3 flozs of Black Sheep ale
2 tblsp of melted butter
Butter or oil for the cooking pan

Mix all the ingredients together in a blender except the 2 tablespoons of melted butter. Leave to stand for 30 minutes. Heat a non stick frying pan and just coat it with a little butter or oil. Add the melted butter to the pancake mixture and pour enough into the pan to coat the base. Swirl it around so that it covers all the pan. Cook for a few minutes until the underside of the pancake is golden brown and then turn it over with a spatula or flip it and cook the other side. Serve it immediately with filling or sauce.

Only three fluid ounces of beer in the mix means about three quarters of the bottle left to drink with the pancakes - perfect beer and food match.

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