Monday, 19 January 2009

Meantime - amended

Yesterday, I took a trip to Waitrose to check the details of my previous post only to find that the two Meantime beers mentioned had increased in price to £3.99 for a 75cl bottle.

On reflection, I guess that the price of £2.66 before Christmas was a 3 for 2 offer (yes, I can do the maths) although it was not advertised as such.

£3.99 is still good value (in my opinion) for beers of such quality - and strength - but obviously not the bargain that I suggested - Sorry.

Meantime have not had much CAMRA recognition over the years as they supply very little cask beer to pubs even though pretty much all of their bottled beer is "real".

They are a brewery that CAMRA London tries hard to support within those confines and hopefully we will see some more of the excellent cask versions at some beer festivals in the coming year.


Tommy Tugnutt said...

Oh dear!

John Paul Adams said...

Meantime beers are available on draught in various London bars but not usually more than one or two at a time. They are unpasturised, so not keg, but I think they are filtered, which doesn't make them real ale.

Their pub in Greenwich serves the complete range of about nine beers but closer into town, the Hide on Bermondsey Street, SE1, serves three of them including, I think, the London Porter and India Pale Ale.

They also supplied a Coffee Stout to the last Wetherspoon beer festival and, like all their other beers, this was outstanding.

Looking forward to seeing more of their beers at local festivals but, somehow, I can't see that happening :(

Mark said...

I managed to get the IPA for 3.98 in sainsbury's so with the recession rocking there's a money-saving hint!! It's a great beer, great looking too. And well worth the money (and a 3 for 2 offer is as good as stealing at that price!).