Thursday, 22 January 2009

Breakfast with Oz and James

My benchmark for a good breakfast is four pints before noon. I only manage it a couple or three times a year but today was one of those days when I was invited to the launch of the book to tie in with the BBC TV series, Oz and James Drink to Britain.

A 9.30 start at the Market Porter in Borough Market was an early start and the pub was soon heaving with media and PR types together with a sprinkling of brewers, beer writers, journos and the two stars, TV's Oz Clarke and James May.

Old Slug Porter washed down with sausage and bacon sarnies made a perfect start to the day. The two presenters sat together in the corner signing books and generally having a bit of a laugh. Upon being told I was from CAMRA, Oz wrote in my book "Keep up the battle, we're winning" which was interesting, written by a guy who has made a good living as a wine connoisseur. James wrote "Grow a beard !"

The book itself is a £19.99 hard cover (but nobody pays full price anymore do they ?), well presented with good colour photography and printed on quality paper but it is a little thin in content. It is a fun but quick read; a hard copy, consistent record of the TV series but adding very little more.

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Arthur Nutter said...

I paid full price for a book once, but it was the Guttenberg Bible!

Ho Ho Ho

How we laughed when the Visa bill arrived!