Friday, 30 January 2009

CAMRA admin

I am spending today catching up with CAMRA admin. Firstly I must finish analysing my batch of the survey forms from the Great British Beer Festival. I did most of them months ago but am really late with the final section - Thursday evening, CAMRA members.

However many chairs and tables are put out at Earls Court - and we increase it every year, the most regular comment always seems to be "more seating needed".

Then I really must deal with some of the 114 emails that are in my to-do list - some of them simply requests for a good pub in London to visit - perhaps my stock answer should be to buy a Good Beer Guide but I do try to be a bit more specific if someone has taken the bother to contact us.

Finally I have failed to distribute many of the beer scoring cards that arrive on my plate to branches so I must try to enter the most recent ones into the system myself - as many branches are now deciding their pubs to include in next years book.

After all of that, I may treat myself to a visit to the gym (sic) and then a pint or two in one of my favourite pubs.


Baldock O'Brahma said...

You must be sic(k) to go to the gym!

BryanB said...

I hear the beer scoring cards are going away and in future it'll be all-electronic, so that's one thing off your successor's plate!

Fosey Nucker said...


Not resigning are you?