Saturday, 3 March 2012

Podge Beer Tour - Live Blogging

Day 3

Up bright and early to be ready for the bus at 9.30 to secure an early tour at the Cantillon Open Brewing Day followed by a chance to catch up with beer geeks from around the world at the Alvinne Craft Beer Festival.

The late afternoon and evening will see us travelling to three more bars/breweries visiting the Brouwerij Gaverhopke to try their Brun 12 followed by the brewery tap at Verhaege Brewery and lastly the unpretentious Cafe Casino, the tap for Cnudde Brewery planning to get back to Aalst at about 9pm in time to enjoy a couple of pubs on the town square.

But first I have a date with a custard croissant followed by a sharpener in the Kastanjehof pub round the corner from the hotel which opens at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to refresh market traders and visitors. If you don't embrace these customs they will disappear and we will be left saying "remember when that pub used to open on a Saturday at 7am ?)."

I am doing my best to keep such quirky traditions alive.

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